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Case Study – Childline

SSV info caset study childlineFor several years SSV has been a proud supporter of the Childline charity through its annual fund raising concert in the O2 Arena run by Presence Communications & MCD. Artists performing included Westlife, Jedward and Shane Ward.

The Childline show is a little different to most concerts of its type as it is also shot for television broadcast on TV3. Colour balancing, temperature and correct brightness levels are crucial for TV and there is zero room for error.

SSV provided a turnkey solution for all the LED screens and video equipment required for the stage set. 3 different types of LED screen were integrated to perform as one huge video back drop. All live and pre-recorded signals were controlled by a powerful Cataylst media server which was connected to the screens with fibre optic cabling for lightening fast response times and increased signal bandwidth.

The show required versatility to reflect the many different artists. For one scene an image of a cloud-scape was needed across all screens and instant later all components within the screens were needed to act as individual images. SSV proudly delivered the high end technical equipment and expertise for the show’s creative team to get exactly what they were after.

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