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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an LED screen?

An LED screen is a large format video screen where the pixels of the screen are made of LED’s. Not to be confused with an LCD screen, nor projection screens. For more detailed info you can read our Jargon Buster here.

How do LED screens work?

Each pixel on an LED screen is comprised of a combintion of red, green and blue LED’s. These colours are the basic component colours of video and can combine to form white. Red and green LED’s have existed for several years and when truly effective blue LED’s were perfected in the 80’s and 90’s, LED video screens were born.

What size can an LED screen be?

LED screens can go to extremely large sizes. For events, screens are usually between 10 to 120 sqaure metres. For permanent installation they can be any size to suit the situation. For indoor and TV work screens are usually below 50 square metres. The worlds biggest screens are all made from LED technology.

What size screen do I need?

That’s hard to answer! It really all depends on how many people need to see the screen, the distance they will be from the screen and the type of content the screen will show. For a precise answer contact us and we can advise.

Why LED over other types of screen?

The main reason LED screens exist is that they are the only types of video screen that can perform in direct sunlight, they can also perform in darkness, indoors and outdoors and even in heavy rain.

Can you take HD formats?

No problem! However, LED screens operate differently in that physical size and overall resolution don’t always move hand in hand like on your TV at home. An LED screen could potentially be several stories high but not be HD. Another LED screen could be full HD and yet fit inside a shop display, it all depends on the resolution. As an input format all SSV screens can take a HD signal when required and scale it perfectly to whatever screen size it is.

How much does it cost to rent an LED screen?

Every single job and situation is different form others. Contact us with some basic details and we will happily give you a competivie quote.

Do you install LED screens?

Yes! We have made permanant installions LED screen on Grafton street, Dublin 2 and at the O2 Arena.

Do you sell advertising on LED screens?

Yes, we are Ireland’s premier seller of on screen advertising at events which include Oxegen, Munster & Leinster rugby. Contact us to advertiase or to tlk to us about selling advertising at your event or your permanant screen location.

Have long have you been going?

We have been in the LED business since 1998 which makes us the longest running LED company in Ireland and one of the longest in Europe.

How safe are LED screens?

LED screens are extremely safe. They are certified, sturdy and all SSV screens and staff are fully insured.

Do you supply more than LED screens?

Yes, we supply many related services incl content creation, advertising, Outside Broadcast facilities, signal distribution, rigging, projection set-ups, high-end media servers and camera set-ups.

What do the letters and numbers in your LED types mean?

A typical LED model might have a name like this: R16 i/o. The R refers to ‘rental’ (which means it has handles and a sturdy build for repeat building and derigging, as opposed to P for permananat which gets built only once). The number 16 indicates the pixel pitch (see our Jargon Buster for more info) and i/o siginifies that the screen is designed for optimum use both Indoors and Outdoors.

Do virtual pixels really work like LED manufacturers say they do?

Virtual pixels are a useful way to increase picture quality. However, we don’t agree with some manufacturers claims that it can double the resolution. In our stock we have a virtual 10mm/physical 20mm screen that we have compared very favourably to physical 16mm screen.

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