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Our high-volume, low-price strategy and commercial terms are designed to give our clients the ‘best-in-market’ offering by some margin. The commercial packages we offer get you closer to Net Zero costs than with any other video supplier, without compromising any quality of service. Inclusive in all video packages are installation, OB/IMAG video, support video and play outs, signal distribution, broadcast and mobile interactive options. There are no hidden costs/stealth pricing agendas.  There is no secret as to why our clients keep coming back. They know that they can relax when we are involved. We deliver everything we promise and more, every time.

Modular/Creative Screens – From brand new (2012) PixLed F10 i/o, (the world’s first truly indoor/outdoor 10mm)  and PixLed f6, and the other 240 SqM of LED, to our fleet of various mobiles from 10 SqM to 50SqM we have one of Europe’s largest Screen inventories. We can cater for events of all sizes and requirements with both creative and standard Led options.

Delivery (Setanta Screens & Video) is one of the world’s longest established LED specialists. We are world-class service provider with the highest calibre of technology & expertise and an unblemished health & safety record for well over a decade. Providing hassle-free, flawlessly safe, turnkey solutions for every type of event is our job – and we do it well. We have a history of providing multiple screens for a huge variety of events over the last 13 years with a 100% client retention record; it simply isn’t in our DNA to tolerate anything but the best standards of service.  We don’t do OK, we only do great.


We have successfully reduced the costs of Video to most of our clients. Integrating our commercials/sponsorship options give producer/promoters the opportunity to significantly reduce costs without affecting key elements of their events. This is all done under license with your restrictions and you controlling the levels and types of brands involved. We focus almost solely on blue-chip brand and events and never facilitate sponsor competitors.

Event & Video Production are one of the best-equipped broadcast facilitators in the industry, with unparalleled expertise in Live VT and OB production, from content generation to site-wide signal distribution. We also provide all requisite structural, staging, rigging and logistical design, and extensive production & event management experience. As the only company in our business that can genuinely deliver an event entirely from start to finish, we have a unique understanding of YOUR needs and are dedicated to innovative and profitable event-enhancement options for all types of show.

Mobile Screens

From concerts to cricket; horse racing to motor racing; local festivals, trade shows, soccer, rugby, motor forecourts, exhibitions & even drive-in movies, our truck-mounted mobile LED screens adapt to any environment & any terrain. Our variety of unit sizes allows you to find the perfect vehicle for maximum exposure to your audience. All units are purpose-built to maximize your branding. We provide everything you need to ensure your event & your brand remain foremost in the mind of your audience. Note that these mobile units are capable of running entire live broadcasts onboard.

Reaching BIG Audiences with YOUR Brand

Uniquely, we sell space and sponsorship/activation options at most of our client events. We ensure that your brand and your event are the focus of everyone’s attention. The audience never fails to be captivated by our screens and creative options/ Content. We always make sure to create and deliver the impact you require. We deliver YOUR BRAND to large audiences on a large-scale.  All audiences are closely profiled; our media is front & centre. In addition we offer numerous innovative approaches to delivering media branding – both onscreen and in physical branding support. Our Award-Winning interactive services engage the audience directly with our screens.

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